One Piece Regional - Milan Side Events

One Piece Regional - Milan Side Events



Here is the program of the Side Events scheduled for September 17th in Milan!

Treasure Battle Side Event

Capacity: 128 participants
There will be 2 different Treasure Battles for a total of 128 participants divided into 2 tournaments of 64 players.
Registration: €30,00*
It will be possible to register directly on site starting from Saturday 16th September at 4:00 p.m.
Tournament Structure: Swiss Rounds without Playoffs
Tournaments start: Sunday 17th September at 11:00 a.m.
*Those who sign up for this Side Event also get a free pass to Milano Comics & Games on Sunday 17th September


1x Event Pack Vol.1 

Top 8
8x Event Pack Vol.1

2nd Place
2x Event Pack Vol.1

1st Place
1x Event Pack Vol.1
1x ST01-006 Chopper (Alt-Art)


Buddy Battle Side Event

Capacity: 128 participants (Registration for every 4 players in teams of 2)
Registration: €15,00 per person (directly on site on Sunday 17th September during the day)
Tournament Structure: Single Game (with no Swiss Rouns) 2 vs 2
Starting time: Sunday 17th September from 2 p.m. onwards (registration possible for the whole day until kits run out)

(for each player)
1x Promotion Pack 2023 Vol.1
1x Event Pack Vol.1

Winning Team
(for each player)
1x Sleeve -Nami-(10pcs)