One Piece Regional - Bologna

One Piece Regional - Bologna




Take Part in One Piece Card Game Regional - Bologna to Win Amazing Exclusive Prizes!

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The One Piece Card Game Regional - Bologna is a competitive event, open to all One Piece Card Game players.






To participate in this event, each participant must be equipped with:

- a tournament legal One Piece Card Game deck;
- a smartphone connected to the internet with the app installed;




Registration by google form will start from 3rd June at 09:00 a.m. (CET)


If you don't have a Play ID (Play-System ID), please make sure to create one before registering
Italian Players Play ID Registration Link
Non-Italian Players Play ID Registration Link

Check this guide to fill the google form for tournament registration

Please make sure all your data are correct while submitting the google form, otherwise your application will be discarded.
The registration list follows the order of google form submission: first players to submit the form will be on top of the list.


Players eligible to receive a ticket, will receive a proper link to proceed with the purchase (starting from Monday June 5th): ticket purchase is by Paypal only.

Information and Schedule:

Event is structured in 2 days, as follows. 

Day 1 - Saturday, 8th July 2023

10:30 a.m.  >>> Player Briefing and Tournament Start
During Day 1, there will a number of Swiss Rounds based on the total number of participants. 
Each Swiss Round lasts 35 minutes with Best of One Matches.
At the end of Day 1, top 16 players will advance to a Single Elimination Playoff taking part in Day 2.

Day 2 - Sunday 9th July 2023
10:30 a.m. >>> TOP 16 Single Elimination Playoff Start
Each Playoff 
Round lasts 60 minutes with Best of Three Matches


Event Capacity: 512 Players


Deck List Required

You will need to have the Play ID and use the Deckbuilder from the Player Area of the site or the deckbuilder of the app (available in the Android and IoS store) to create and submit your list before the tournament starts.
In case you don't have a Play ID, you can create it by clicking HERE.


Entry Fee and Participation Prize:

- Entry Fee: 35,00 € (Includes 1x Regional Storage, 1x Don!! Sleeve, 1x Gold Don!! Card, 1x Offline Regional Participation Pack Vol.1, 1x DON!! Card Pack Vol.2, 1x Event Pack Vol.1)*
Registration also includes free pass to the FICO Park structure (included also Guided Tour of 25/30 min in which your guests will be guided by the Ambassadors of taste of the Fico park: the tour can be reserved exclusively but all ticket holders can use it by going to the main entrance, departure every 30 minutes).
*Physical Participation
in the event is mandatory in order to receive the participation prize.
A player who does not show up at the event will not receive the participation prize, but will receive a partial refund net of Paypal commissions.
Furthermore, each ticket is personal and cannot
be transferred to anyone else.

Registered players will need to show within the end of the 1st Swiss Round to take part in the event.
If a registered player doesn't show within the 1st Swiss Round, their registration will be cancelled and the first player from a proper waiting list created on site will take their place.


TOP 128: 1x Event Pack Vol.1, 1x Sleeve -Nami-(10)

TOP 64: 1x Gold Don!! Card

TOP 32: 1x Offline Regional 2023 Finalist Card Set, 1x Finalist Playmat, 1x Gold Don!! Card

TOP 8: 1x ST01-001 Monkey.D.Luffy Serial Number Card

2nd Place: 10x Gold Don!! Card

1st Place: 1x Offline Regional 2023 Champion Card Set, 1x Champion Playmat, 10x Gold Don!! Card, 1x Booster Box (OP-03)


Tournament Rules

Please be sure to check all the official ONE PIECE Card Game documents:

Tournament Rules Manual (April 7, 2023)

Comprehensive Rules (January 27, 2023)

Official Rule Manual (April 7, 2023)



Don!! Sleeve


Regional Storage

Gold Don!! Card

Offline Regional Participation Pack Vol.1 (1 card per pack)


DON!! Card Pack Vol.2 (1 card per pack)

Event Pack Vol.1 (1 card per pack)

Sleeve -Nami- (10 pcs)



Offline Regional 2023 Finalist Card Set

Finalist Playmat




ST01-001 Monkey.D.Luffy Serial Number Card

Champion Playmat


Offline Regional 2023 Champion Card Set


Booster Box(OP-03) provided by TO


Distribuzione per l'Italia:


Elenco Organizzatori Definitivo

Data Location Indirizzo Nazione Formato Contatta Google Cal. RIS
08/07/2023   10:30 Centro Congressi Fico C/o Fico Eataly World via paolo canali 8 40127 bologna (BO) Italia Constructed CONTATTA Risultati